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It is an amazing feeling when I prepare myself and walk up that stage to speak. It’s the unknown , the audience, the atmosphere that gets me thrilled and gives me a boost of energy. Yes I am ready to entertain and educate the audience about what I know and feel . On stage the interaction of the audience gives me even more energy and drive to take it to the next level. I see that people enjoy my talk and I see that most of them understand exactly what I am saying and are looking forward to adapt what I teach them. This is exactly my goal, I want to share my experience and show them other options in life, open their eyes and educate them on the evolution happening in front of their eyes. They applause and I ask them if they have questions and then the fun really starts. Interaction is the way for me to take away their last doubts or questions. They feel appreciated because they experience that I really care about them and I want to listen to what they have to say and want to learn. And that is where interaction shows it’s true value because

“when you speak you only repeat what you already know, but if you listen you might also learn something new“


Speaking is one of the passions in my life. I love to entertain people and often get the feedback that I am a natural storyteller. The energy you get from educating people or showing them another truth is what drives me. I speak in Dutch, German or English and can adapt my talks to any theme that you like.


Yes, I sometimes prepare but I love to freestyle and adapt to what the audience needs to hear. Till now I spoke on many events about blockchain, crypto, and life. From private parties to small venues or 1000+ audiences, I love them all and the key to authenticity often is not to much preparation and go with the flow.


The coolest thing is when I get my family on stage and people see how a family of five is traveling the world on crypto. It is often mind-blowing for people to see that there are other options to live life as a family. This immediately opens the port to their curiosity and gets them to focus on the keynote even more.


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