Crypto Advisor

I love the crypto world and all my income comes from it. I am a proud cryptocurrency and  advisor for the following blockchain related  companies:


The Global Standard for Loyalty Marketing. Blockchain-centric loyalty reward points infrastructure. Momentum will set the global standard and be used daily by hundreds of millions of consumers to earn, redeem and manage their loyalty points.


An open-source blockchain peer-to-peer gaming platform where anyone with an idea can build a game, a predictive market, or a casino room and share in the revenue.


Evimeria is the bridge between generosity and the people who need it the most. We will use the blockchain to track transactions, verify the legitimacy of charities and ensure the safety of donations. The purpose of the Evimeria Platform is to bring transparency and accountability to the field of charitable donations in an effort to stem corruption by allowing incoming cryptocurrency donations for specific causes or campaigns to be permanently viewable, audit-able and traceable.


Give the bitcoin family

You and Give… making a difference together. Because everyone deserves financial freedom. Because we all can share our gifts with others. And because together, we truly make a difference… one kid at a time.


Money Token


Team of advisors: Roger Ver, Didi Taihuttu, Mate Tokay, David Allen Cohen, Steve Rubakh, Sally Eaves


DEEPAERO AI, DONES and BLOCKCHAIN     deepaero didi taihuttu

Team of advisors: Michael Davidson, Didi Taihuttu, Timothy van Langeveld, Sydney Ifergan, Ishmeet Singh


decoin didi taihuttu