Who am I

My name is Didi Taihuttu and I am thankful you are visiting my page.

I am born in ’78 and grew up in the system like everybody else. I played professional football in the youth till I was 20 and after finishing school I quickly realized I wasn’t born to be an employee so I started my first company. In the years after I built up three successful companies but while doing so, I lost my mother when she was 48 and lost my father when he was 61. During these hard times in my life, I started reflecting life more and more and discovered that the life I was living was not the life I wanted to live. I experienced that Life could go very fast and that I needed to change. I sold my companies and started to travel with my family.

After I sold my companies and started to travel the world with as a family I discovered that as a family we were very happy with the Freedom and just owning two backpacks and no luxury goods. During the travels a friend reminded me to check the Bitcoin and Doge coins I mined in 2013.  To be honest I lost faith in BTC during the first crash in 2014 but bitcoin kept crossing my path, even during the family trip. I saw that more people started to buy Bitcoins so I understood the monetary revolution was starting. My wife agreed on that we were very happy as a traveling family and that we needed to teach the kids that they can be very happy without all the luxury we used to have. So we decided to sell our house and all our other belongings to support the (r)evolution and go all-in Bitcoin.

We are now known as “The Bitcoin Family” that lives a decentralized nomad life solely on Bitcoin. This way we combine our passions of traveling,  educating people in the fundamentals of Bitcoin and helping people.  In the meantime I wrote a book about our BTC adventure and how we created a mindset to change life and used Bitcoin for this. The book is being translated into English and German and will soon be for sale.  If you want to be one of the first to buy it then sign up for our newsletter.  Sign up here.

I combine traveling with speaking on conferences, writing the second book, advising blockchain related companies and helping others to change life as well.  As a family we support Bitcoin 24/7.

” Blockchain and Bitcoin will change the world in an way we can’t even predict at the moment”

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Again it’s an honor you visit my site and hope you enjoy reading everything.

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